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How To Make Money With Nudes ?

Selling your nude photos can be a great way to make money. But, it’s only as easy as you make it. The key is knowing how to sell your nudes online, and that means knowing how to do it in a way that will get you the most cash.

If you’re looking for some extra cash and have the body for it, selling nudes could be just what you need. Here’s how to make money with nudes:

Know the market

Before you even think about getting naked on camera or sending any pictures of yourself, it’s important to know what people are willing to pay for. There are some sites that specialize in selling adult content, but even there there are trends when it comes to what people want and what different websites offer in terms of payment.

Many of these sites offer a percentage of the total amount paid by interested buyers. Some sites take only a small portion while others may take more if they feel like they’ll get more traffic from your photos or videos than they would otherwise. The important thing here is that if you want to make money with this method, then you need to know what people are paying before they see your content so that they can justify their investment later on down the road.

1) Start small. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You don’t want to spend all your time on just one site, because if that site goes down or you can’t make money off of it anymore, then what?

2) Try to diversify your portfolio. Don’t just rely on one site or one type of content (i.e., photos). Try different things and see what sticks. For example, if you’re selling nude photos, try selling videos as well (I’ve had more success with videos than photos). If you’re selling videos, try selling live shows too (these are usually $10/minute). If you’re selling live shows, try selling custom clips too (custom clips are when someone pays for a video that’s made specifically for them). If you’re doing custom clips or live shows and getting lots of requests for them but not enough buyers… consider starting an affiliate program so that other models can promote your clips/shows on their own sites and make.

But if you don’t have a famous face or body, you can still make money with nude photos. Here’s how:

Sell Your Photos Online

You can start your own website (see my guide on how to do that here) and sell your photos directly to your fans. If you’re already doing this, great! You already know how much money can be made this way. Just keep at it!

Find Other Sites That Will Feature You

If you’re not interested in starting your own site or don’t have time for that right now, there are plenty of other sites online where you can submit your work for free or for a price. Some websites require you to sign up first before they’ll let you submit anything; others allow you to submit without creating an account.

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Last modified: November 24, 2022