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How To Make Money as A Psychic?

The psychic business is a great one for those who are interested in helping others. It can be a great way to make money, but you must be careful about how you do it. You must ensure that you are not doing anything illegal, and that your clients are happy with the services that you provide them.

When it comes to making money as a psychic, there are many different ways that people choose to go about it. Some people use their psychic abilities professionally and charge for them, while others will offer their services for free.

If you want to make money as a psychic, there are several different ways that you can do it. One of the most popular ways is by offering readings online or over the phone. Your customers will pay an hourly rate or per minute depending on what they prefer. The average rate is usually $2 per minute or $25 per hour. If they want more information than just one reading, then they can purchase packages at discounted rates.

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Last modified: October 14, 2022