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How To Make Contact With Pleiadians?

The first step to making contact with the Pleiadians is to create an intention. It is important that you have a clear intention because this will ensure that you have the most positive experience possible. You can create an intention by simply sitting down and thinking about what it is that you want from this process.

The next step is to meditate on this intention. Meditating on your intention allows you to focus all of your energy into creating the outcome that you desire. It also helps to dissolve any resistance or doubt that may be present in your mind. This makes it much easier for you to receive guidance from the Pleiadians during meditation sessions.

The third step involves visualizing yourself having already achieved your goal or experiencing what it would be like if it were already here. This helps bring the future into the present moment so that it may become a reality more quickly than if we were just waiting around for it to happen on its own accord.

Finally, we must take action towards our goals and dreams in order to manifest them into reality! The universe has no idea how we are supposed to get where we want to go unless we tell her exactly how we plan on doing so!

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Last modified: October 30, 2022