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How To Leave A Linkedin Group?

You can’t leave a group until you are the last member.

If you want to leave a group, you have to be the last member of the group. This could happen if everyone else leaves or if you remove yourself from the group.

If everyone else leaves the group, you’ll receive an email from LinkedIn letting you know that there aren’t any members left in your group and that you can now leave it. You’ll also see a message at the top of your page when you’re logged in to LinkedIn that says “There are no more members in this group.”

If there’s only one other person in your group, they may need to leave first before you can be removed from their list of members. In this case, they will receive an email asking them to remove themselves from your list of members so that they can make room for another member or leave without being removed from anyone’s list of members.

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Last modified: September 11, 2022