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How To Keep Charcoal Drawings From Smudging?

If you are making charcoal drawings with a pencil and eraser, it is important to keep your charcoal from smudging. If you are using a sharpie, it is more difficult to prevent smudging. However, there are ways to prevent smudging in both cases.

If you are using an eraser, always use a kneaded eraser instead of a standard pencil eraser. These will not smear the charcoal.

Be careful of what kind of paper you use for your charcoal drawings. Uncoated papers such as newsprint or tracing paper will smear easily and need to be protected with fixative spray or other types of varnish. Coated papers will not smear as easily but they still need protection from moisture (such as sweat) and oil-based substances like fingerprints or other oils on your fingertips or hands that can sometimes leave marks on the surface of the paper where you have been touching it while drawing.

If you are using a sharpie to draw with, there is no way to avoid smudging since these markers have oil-based ink and won’t stick well enough to most surfaces without some sort of adhesive backing that helps them stay put while drawing with them in place on the surface where they are being used – so if.

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Last modified: November 25, 2022