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How To Inflate Your Belly by Drinking Water ?

Many people have heard that drinking water helps with bloating. But how can water make you feel bloated?

When you drink water, it goes into your stomach and intestines, where it absorbs some of the water already there. This can cause your bowels to expand and push on nerves that send signals to your brain. This is what causes the sensation of being bloated.

One way to avoid this is to drink more slowly and avoid gulping down a lot of water at once. But if you’ve already taken in too much fluid, it’s not always possible to slow down how quickly you drink. In this case, try taking smaller sips or chewing on some snacks between each sip of water.

You can also try drinking fizzy beverages (such as soda or carbonated juices). The carbonation will help release trapped gas bubbles in your stomach so that they can be expelled through burps or flatulence.”

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Last modified: August 1, 2022