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How To Increase Army Force Limit Eu4?

  1. Introduction

In the EU4 game, you can increase your maximum army force limit by researching military technology, building specific buildings and equipping certain provinces. The maximum limit is not affected by countries with high autonomy levels or religious decisions such as free investiture or permanent crusade, or by the effects of the “Unreformed” religion.

  1. Military Technology

The first way to increase your maximum army force limit is to research military technology. Military technologies can be found under the Diplomacy tab in the technology tab. Each country starts with a few military technologies already researched and more can be unlocked as you progress through other areas of research like diplomacy or economy etc.

  1. Buildings

The second way to increase your maximum army force limit is by building specific buildings in your provinces e.g., fortresses, citadels etc., which may have a positive effect on their defense against enemy armies and thus reduce casualties during battles against them (depending on how many units from each side survive). These buildings can also provide other benefits like additional manpower etc..

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Last modified: October 6, 2022