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How To Hold A Sousaphone?

The sousaphone is a brass instrument that is part of the tuba family. The main difference between the sousaphone and other tubas is its size. The sousaphone is larger than normal tubas, and it looks like a big marching band horn. The sousaphone can be played with one hand.

The most important thing to remember when holding a sousaphone is not to squeeze it too tightly. This will make you tired faster, and it will also damage your instrument. Hold the instrument with your left hand in front of your body and grip it with just enough pressure to keep it from slipping out of your hand. Your other hand should be on top of the horn at all times, because this will help you play notes quickly and easily without taking much effort or time.

The main way to hold a sousaphone is by placing it on your left shoulder near your collar bone with one hand while using the other to hold onto the mouthpiece section of the instrument. You should then bring your right arm down across your body so that it rests on top of the bell in front of you as shown below.

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Last modified: November 9, 2022