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How To Hide Hotspot Usage ?

Carriers are constantly looking for ways to make more money from their customers, and one of the most common ways is to charge overage fees for data usage. Whether you’re using your phone as a hotspot or tethering it with a cable, there’s always a possibility that you might exceed your data cap and incur additional charges.

But there are ways to hide your iPhone hotspot usage from your carrier. Here’s how:

Find out what type of plan you’re on with your carrier. Is it a prepaid plan? If so, then likely you have no data cap at all (although it still might be worth checking).

If you’re on an unlimited plan, then chances are that it’s not too hard to exceed because there really aren’t any restrictions on data usage (unless you’ve specifically exceeded those limits). What we want to find out here is whether or not there’s a limit on how much data can be used in one month — if there isn’t one, then we can go ahead and proceed with the next step; otherwise we’ll need to figure out how much data we can use before incurring any sort of overage charges or penalties).

Open Settings and tap on Privacy & Security.

Tap on Clear Cache. This will clear all cached data from your device.

Tap on Clear Data, then select all apps that have permission to access the Internet or connect to a network. Select OK when prompted.

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Last modified: September 5, 2022