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How To Guess Someone’s Rising Sign?

If you have a friend who’s always on time, you can guess that they have a well-developed sense of time. If they’re always late, they may be lacking in this area.

If you know someone who loves to eat, you might guess that they have a strong appetite and are ruled by their stomach (Moon). If someone doesn’t eat much at all, maybe their Moon is weak.

If you know someone who’s very creative and has many ideas, it could be because they have strong Jupiter. If they’re not so creative or don’t seem to come up with any new ideas, maybe Jupiter is weak in their chart.

If you know someone who never seems to get angry or lose their temper, maybe Mars is weak in their chart; if they’re always angry about something or always fighting with others, maybe Mars is strong in their chart.

If someone is very shy and timid and afraid to take risks, perhaps Mercury is weak in their chart; if they’re outgoing and adventurous with no fear of failure or rejection by others (or even death), Mercury may be strong in the chart.”

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Last modified: November 16, 2022