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How To Grenade Jump Borderlands 2?

Grenade jumping is a way to gain extra height in Borderlands 2. It is performed by using a grenade or other explosive with the aim of getting some extra height.

There are two ways to grenade jump in Borderlands 2:

Straight up – The easiest way to grenade jump is simply to throw a grenade at your feet and then jump as it explodes. This method will give you the most height, but at the cost of taking damage from the blast radius of your own grenade.

The second method, while less effective than the first, is also safer and easier to perform. Throw a grenade ahead of you so that it lands in front of you and slightly below your feet (not directly under them). Then, as soon as it explodes, run forward and jump before hitting the ground again. This method gives you less height but allows for more control over where you end up after jumping from the explosion.

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Last modified: November 16, 2022