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How To Get Your Dog To Lick Your Balls?

The best way to get your dog to lick your balls is to put them in front of him and let him take them. If you want to train him to lick your balls, you need to start early. The first time you feed him from a bowl, put your finger into his mouth and encourage him to bite it.

This teaches him that biting is fun for both of you. After he’s done eating, give the bowl back and let him lick his own face with his tongue. This teaches him that licking is also fun for both of you.

If he doesn’t lick himself right away, try putting some water on your finger and wiping it on his nose or mouth (a trick I learned from my dog). He’ll lick off the water and start licking himself because it feels good. Then repeat until he’s licking himself regularly, then start adding food with the water so that he gets used to having food near his face instead of just water.

Once he’s used to having food near his mouth all the time and licking it off himself regularly, start putting some food onto his nose or forehead while he’s eating and encourage him to eat it off there instead of from the bowl like normal (don’t let him eat too much though; these are just training sessions.

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Last modified: November 15, 2022