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How To Get Wife To Dress Sexier ?

Getting your wife to dress sexier can be a challenge. Here are some ways that you can do it.

Start off with small steps. Don't try to force her into wearing something she's not comfortable in. Instead, slowly introduce her into the idea of dressing up a bit more than normal.

Do not criticize the way she dresses now nor compare it with what she used to wear in the past. Remember that she’s just not used to dressing up anymore and may not feel comfortable with it yet.

Express your desire for her to dress sexier by telling her how much you love seeing other women dressed up and how much you would love if she did too (as long as it’s not offensive). If at first she doesn’t want to listen, then try again later on when she is more open about listening to you or when she is ready for some changes in her life such as getting pregnant or starting a new business venture with you.

Give compliments on how great she looks when she dresses up sexy even if there are things that need improvement such as adding accessories or wearing different types of make-up instead of using only one type all the

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Last modified: September 5, 2022