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How To Get Rid Of Bruise On Lip From Kissing ?

Bruises on the lips are very common. They can be caused by kissing, chewing, biting, or even from bumping into something. Bruises on the lips are usually painless, however they may be tender to touch and cause discomfort.

To get rid of a bruise on your lips, you can use a few simple home remedies that will help you get rid of your bruise quickly. These home remedies include applying an ice pack on the bruised area for at least 10 minutes every hour for two days. You can also apply an aloe vera gel directly onto the bruise for about an hour daily until your bruise has gone away completely. If you do not have any aloe vera gel available, then you can use lemon juice instead as it also has similar properties as aloe vera gel does when applied onto the skin.

If the above mentioned home remedies do not help in getting rid of your bruise, then go to see a doctor immediately who will prescribe some medication based on what type of bruise you have developed on your lips or mouth region.

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Last modified: August 16, 2022