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How To Get Reclaimed Metal In Tf2 ?

How to get Reclaimed Metal in Team Fortress 2. Reclaimed metal is used to craft weapons and hats in Team Fortress 2. It can also be used to upgrade weapons, such as Gunslinger.

Reclaimed metal can be obtained by trading with the mann co store or winning it from crates, but most of the time you will get only a few pieces of reclaimed metal from these methods. If you want more reclaimed metal then you should buy it from a different player through the buy orders on the Steam Community Market or trade with other players using trade offers or by using this website: https://tradeskins.me/.

You can earn TF2 Keys by selling items on marketplaces like opskins or steam community market or by playing games on sites like fbxlobby where you can earn free tf2 keys just by playing games.

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Last modified: August 17, 2022