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How To Get Original Owner Cards 2k21?

The Original Owner card is a special card which you can only get if you have purchased a copy of NBA 2K21. It’s not possible to buy these cards in the auction house or at any other place. Only players who bought the game can get them, and there are only three types of cards that you can obtain this way:

Movements: These are made up of the game’s signature moves. They range from jump shots to dunks and blocks. They’re not that powerful on their own, but they’re very useful in combos with other cards.

Playstyles: These are like movements, except they’re for specific situations instead of general uses. For example, there’s one for guarding pick-and-rolls on defense and one for bringing it up in transition on offense. These are usually more powerful than movements because they have more effects, but they usually require more skill points to use effectively so they’re less useful at the beginning of your career when you don’t have many points yet.

Player Archetypes: This is where things get interesting! These are basically like playstyles but they don’t have any effects because they’re just used as templates for your own custom archetype.

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Last modified: November 17, 2022