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How To Get Off Ankle Monitor Early?

If you’ve been ordered to wear an ankle monitor as a condition of your bail, you may be wondering how to get off ankle monitor early. An ankle monitor is a device that’s placed around your ankle and can track your location via GPS. It may also have other features, like a camera or a microphone.

When you’re released on bail, the judge may require that you wear an ankle monitor until your case is resolved. This typically happens when you’re charged with a violent crime or if there’s reason to believe that you’re likely to flee from justice or commit another offense while awaiting trial.

The purpose of wearing an ankle monitor is so that law enforcement can make sure that you don’t commit another crime or flee the jurisdiction where your case is pending. If this happens, then law enforcement may be able to catch up with you and put you back in jail.

How Does an Ankle Monitor Work?

Ankle monitors are worn on the inside of the foot near the heel and look similar to a watch or bracelet. They use radio frequency technology (RF) which allows them to communicate with a base station located at least one mile away from where they’re being worn by the person being monitored. The base station then relays data.

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Last modified: September 6, 2022