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How To Get Lugia In Pokemon Fire Red?

Step 1: Get the National Pokédex.

The first step is to get the National Pokédex. This will unlock many new areas of the game, including an old tower that houses Lugia.

Step 2: Catch all 150 of the original Pokémon.

Once you have the National Pokédex, you’ll need to go around and catch all 150 original Pokémon (including Pikachu!). You can find a list of them here. Most of them are fairly common, but others are harder to find – one legendary Pokémon even requires you to trade with another player!

Step 3: Defeat Team Rocket in Saffron City.

Once you’ve caught all 150 original Pokémon, return to Saffron City and challenge Team Rocket at Silph Co., where they’re attempting to steal some Pokémon for their evil purposes (unsurprisingly). Once you beat them and thwart their plans, head back outside, where an old man will tell you about his lost friend – who just happens to be a Lugia!

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Last modified: October 28, 2022