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How To Get From Bogota To Cartagena?

There are many ways to get from Bogota to Cartagena. You can take a bus, a flight, or even a boat.

The most popular way of getting from the capital of Colombia to the city of Cartagena is by bus. The journey takes around 8 hours and there are several companies that offer this service. The price ranges between 20-40 dollars depending on the type of bus and the time of day you travel.

You can also fly between both cities, but it will cost you more money than taking a bus or travelling by boat. It takes about an hour by plane and the price is around 100 dollars each way for economy class seats on an airline like AeroSur or Avianca Colombia.

Finally, if you want to make your trip more adventurous and unique, you can take a boat! It takes about 2 days to reach Cajica from Bogota by sea and costs about $20 per person per day (including food). This option is only recommended for backpackers who don’t mind roughing it out for two days!

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Last modified: October 31, 2022