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How To Get A Girl To Sit On Your Lap?

The only way to get a girl to sit on your lap is to have her sit on it first. This can be tricky, because if she’s not interested in you, she’ll probably not want to sit on your lap.

However, if you are able to make her feel comfortable around you and she likes you, then this is much easier than it sounds. If she is already sitting on the lap of another guy or girl at the party, then just ask her if she’d like to slide off their lap and onto yours. That way, it won’t seem like you’re trying to steal her away from someone else.

If that fails, try offering her something that might interest her more than sitting on your lap: food or drinks for example. Tell her that she looks like she needs a snack or something cool to drink because it’s hot in here (or whatever).

Then once she accepts your offer and comes over with you, casually suggest that maybe they should sit together while they eat (or drink). Then once they’re sitting down together ask them if they’d mind if you sat down too so that the three of you could talk more easily without having to shout over all the noise going on around them.

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Last modified: November 2, 2022