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How To Get A Dab Pen Past A Metal Detector?

If you’re traveling, it’s important to know what to expect when going through security. The TSA has a list of items that are allowed and prohibited in carry-on luggage and checked baggage.

The security check at the airport is there to make sure that no one is bringing weapons or dangerous materials onto the plane. That means that travelers have to be prepared for their bags being opened up and searched thoroughly.

If you are carrying a dab pen in your bag, it will set off the metal detector alarm when you go through security. You can get around this by putting it in your checked baggage, but if you don’t have time to check your bag before you leave, there are other ways to get around having your dab pen confiscated at the airport.

You can ask for permission before going through security if you aren’t sure about whether or not your dab pen will set off an alarm when passing through a metal detector. This can be done by either asking a TSA agent at the gate or contacting them ahead of time by phone or email (see below).

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Last modified: November 18, 2022