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How To Forget A Spoiler?

A spoiler is a piece of bodywork fitted to the rear of a vehicle, commonly found on racing cars, but also on special editions or bespoke vehicles. Spoilers on the rear of a car are designed to reduce drag, and can be integral with the vehicle body construction (via underbody panels), or mounted separately to it. Separate spoilers can be added to the front of a vehicle in order to increase downforce.

The aerodynamic function of spoilers is to “spoiling” some of the air that would otherwise come to the top surface of the vehicle’s bodywork. This reduces airflow across the rear surface, reducing drag and increasing performance. Spoiler designs vary from simple lip spoilers, which are flat plates extending over the trunk or tailgate, to complex aircraft-like designs that not only reduce drag but also aid stability and grip through cornering.

Spoilers are generally used by race cars and sports cars for two reasons; one is for aesthetic appeal (to make them look sporty) and second is for functional reasons such as improving traction by increasing downforce at high speeds or making them more slippery at lower speeds so they slip through turns easier without spinning out when going around turns at higher speeds than normal people would drive their cars on public roads.

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Last modified: September 24, 2022