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How To Evolve Seadra In Pokemon Sword And Shield?

Players will first need to go to the Salthouse and get a Water Stone from the woman in the house. After that, they can evolve Seadra by going to their Pokemon menu and selecting “Evolve.”

Once players have evolved their Seadra, they can now use it as part of their team during battles.

Seadra has four different forms:

Horned Seadra: This form is unlocked by leveling up Horned Seadra to level 30. It’s the fastest and most agile of all forms, but also has low defense.

Seadra: This is the basic form of Seadra. It has average stats across the board and is likely to be one of your starter Pokemon early on in the game. You’ll likely be using this form for quite some time since it evolves into Kingdra at level 40, which doesn’t happen until relatively late in the game.

Kingdra: This is a powerful dragon type Pokemon with high attack power, but low defense and speed. However, it can learn some useful moves like Outrage that increase damage dealt while lowering defense temporarily (thereby making Kingdra more vulnerable). Kingdra can also learn Hydro Pump and Dragon Pulse which.

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Last modified: October 26, 2022