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How To Drain A Lake ?

The average depth of a lake is about 20 feet, so an average-sized lake (about one acre) would hold about 1 million gallons of water. The bigger the reservoir, the more water it will take to drain it.

Drainage is a slow process and can take several days or even weeks. As a rule, it’s best to drain lakes in the fall when they are at their lowest levels.

The first step in draining a lake is to determine how much water is in the lake. You can measure this by taking a survey with a boat or by using an instrument like a sonar device that measures depth through sound waves.

Once you know how much water is in your lake, you can decide how deep you want your new lake bed to be. Plan for about six inches of gravel over two inches of sand for good drainage and plant growth and weed control. In addition, you’ll need enough gravel to cover your entire bottom with three inches or more of material on top since it will settle over time as soil builds up around it and plants grow into its surface area.

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Last modified: August 18, 2022