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How To Delete Burger King Account

How to Delete a Burger King Account

The Burger King website is a good place to find out about the company’s latest promotions, news, and menu items. You can also join its rewards program or sign up for online ordering. If you want to remove your account from the site, you’ll need to go through a few steps.

  1. Sign into your account at www.bk.com/signin.
  2. Click on “Account Settings” in the upper right corner of the page and select “My Account Settings.”
  3. Look for “Delete My Account” under “Contact Information” and click on it to begin the process of deleting your account completely from BK’s system; it’s important that you have all relevant information ready so that they can verify your identity before they delete your account entirely (name, address, phone number).
  4. Enter your password again when prompted after clicking “Delete My Account.” If you’re having difficulty logging in, try resetting your password by clicking on “Forgot Password?” under “My Account Settings.” Once you’ve confirmed that all of your personal information is correct, simply click on “Delete My Account” once again and confirm one last time before confirming the deletion of your account.
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Last modified: August 11, 2022