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How To Deal With Tracer?

Tracer is a character that’s very easy to counter. Her damage output is low, and she can be easily countered by simply running away from her. If you are playing against someone who plays Tracer, do not fight them unless you know where they are at all times. If you try to fight them, you will only die and lose more time for your team.

If you’re playing as Tracer, your primary goal should be to harass enemies who are in the back line, or trying to heal/run away from a fight (for example: Widowmaker). You should also try to use Pulse Bomb on enemies when they’re clumped together (for example: Bastion).

If they’re not clumped together, then just shoot them with your gun until they die; don’t worry about using the Pulse Bomb until later in the match when your team starts pushing into their territory and forcing them out of position so that they have nowhere else to go other than into your Pulse Bomb!

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Last modified: October 14, 2022