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How To Cut A Pizza Without A Pizza Cutter?

There are many ways to cut a pizza without a pizza cutter. The first method is the easiest one, but it will require you to have some patience and a bit of time on your hands. You can start by placing the uncooked pizza on a flat surface and using a pair of kitchen shears to cut it into slices. You will need to cut through each slice individually, so this method takes longer than using a regular pizza cutter.

The second way is to use a sharp knife. This method is pretty straightforward, but you will still need some practice before you get it right. Start by cutting the pizza into slices first, then transfer those slices onto your plate or cutting board. Use the knife to cut each slice into smaller pieces, which should be easier with practice.

The third method involves using a fork or spoon instead of a knife or shears to cut your pizza into slices before transferring them onto another plate or cutting board for further cutting with your utensils. This method might not be as efficient as using other methods mentioned above, but it’s definitely effective enough for getting the job done without having any tools at hand!

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Last modified: October 30, 2022