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How To Connect Discord To Battlenet?

This is a common question that people have when trying to connect their discord account with their battle.net account. This tutorial will help you do just that.

Connecting your discord and battle.net accounts allows you to use the same username for both games, and also gives you access to a few other features such as cross game chat rooms (discord) and cross game friend invites (battlenet).

So first things first, follow the steps below:

1) Make sure you have an account on both Discord and Battle.net, if not then create one now using the links below:

2) Next go here and login using your battle.net credentials.

3) Once inside click on “Connections” in the left hand menu, then click on “Connect Accounts” in the middle section of the page which should look like this: You will be presented with a list of services including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ but we don’t need any of those right now so just select “

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Last modified: October 29, 2022