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How To Combine Albums In Itunes ?

If you are using iTunes to manage your music library, you can easily combine multiple albums from one artist into one album. It’s a useful feature if you have several albums by the same artist but want to keep just one album for each artist in your library.

To combine albums in iTunes:

Open iTunes and select File > Library > Organize Library. Click on the Albums tab at the top of the window and then click on “Albums” under Kind. Select all of the albums you want to merge into one album by holding down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) while clicking on each one or by clicking on “Select All” in the bottom left of the window. To select all artists at once, hold down Shift while clicking on any artist in your library.

Right-click on an album name and select “Get Info” from the menu that appears. Then click the “Options” tab at the top of this window and check off “Merge with Other Albums…” Click OK when finished, then right-click an album again and select “Rename Album….” Change its name as desired, then click OK again when finished.

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Last modified: September 25, 2022