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How To Bypass Protection Mode On Amp ?

How to Bypass Protection Mode on AMP

When a power amplifier is damaged or when it needs to be serviced, the protection mode of the amp needs to be turned off. The protection mode is a safety feature that keeps the power amplifier from being damaged by short-circuiting or overloading the output.

The steps below explain how to bypass the protection mode on an AMP:

Open up your amp and take out all of the components inside of it. Set them aside so they are not touching anything metal in your workstation.

Check for any wires that connect back into the circuit board (not just signal wires). If you find any, disconnect them from their terminals and set them aside with the other components that were removed from inside of the amp.

Remove all of the screws holding down the circuit board onto its enclosure and remove that board from its housing so that it becomes loose and can move around freely without being held down by anything at all (even if you don’t plan on doing anything else with this amp’s enclosure, you might as well take out all of these screws now so that later on when we test our newly repaired circuit board, we won’t have any problems with it falling apart after being moved around.

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Last modified: August 11, 2022