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How To Become A Commercial Director ?

Become a director. Directing is not just about telling the actors what to do, it’s about working with the entire production team and being able to communicate effectively with all of them. To become a director, you need to develop your communication skills, which is why we recommend that you take as many classes as possible in your chosen field of study. You should also take any opportunity to practice and attend workshops or seminars.

Go into advertising. Although there are many different types of directors in advertising, it’s often best to start out as an AD (assistant director) or 1st AD (first assistant director). This will give you exposure to all aspects of directing, such as working with video cameras, lighting equipment and making sure that everything is running smoothly on set. As well as this, it will also help you develop your understanding of how things are done within advertising agencies so that when it comes time for you to apply for jobs you’ll be better equipped than other applicants who don’t have this experience under their belt already.

Make connections with people who work in the industry already by joining societies at university or through networking websites like LinkedIn or Facebook. In addition, try attending industry events such as award shows or festivals where there will be many.

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Last modified: September 5, 2022