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How To Beat Code Enforcement?

Code Enforcement is the government department that protects the public health and safety of your neighborhood. These are the people who will fine you if you don’t clean up your yard, or if you have too many cars parked in front of your house.

But code enforcement officers are also there to help you when you’re having problems with a neighbor or landlord. They’ll help mediate disputes and make sure that landlords are keeping their rental properties up to code.

Code enforcement officers can’t just show up at your door and tell you they’re coming over to inspect your property. They have to give notice first, giving them reasonable time to make the necessary changes before they get fined.

If you’ve received a notice from Code Enforcement about any violations on your property, it’s a good idea to call them back right away and ask for more information about what needs fixing. Once they’ve given you some direction, go ahead and fix everything as quickly as possible so that no one else has any reason to complain about it – or so that if someone does complain again, there’s nothing left for them to complain about!

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Last modified: November 3, 2022