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How To Bblock Someone On EBAY From Leaving Feedback?

You can block buyers from leaving feedback for a variety of reasons. If a buyer has not paid for the item, but you have received negative feedback from them, you can block them from leaving any more feedback.

There are two ways to block someone from leaving feedback on eBay:

Block buyers who haven’t paid for their item

If you have sold an item and the buyer hasn’t paid, then you can block that buyer from leaving feedback by using the Buyer Protection Claim process. This will automatically prevent them from leaving any feedback on eBay unless they pay for their item.

Block a specific buyer’s account

If there is a specific buyer who has been causing problems on eBay or if they’ve left negative or neutral feedback even though they haven’t paid, then you can block their account so that they aren’t able to leave any more feedback at all.

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Last modified: October 30, 2022