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How To Ask Your Mom For A Padded Bra?

We all have questions about our bodies, and the best place to get answers is from a trusted adult. If you’re wondering how to ask your mom for a padded bra, don’t worry — she’s not going to laugh at you. She’ll probably be thrilled that you’re thinking of her as someone who can help guide you through important life decisions.

If you’re feeling nervous about asking, try starting with a compliment. Say something like “Mom, I love how confident you are and I want to be just like that when I grow up.” Then ask if she has any tips on how to feel more comfortable in my body.

She might suggest wearing a sports bra or undershirt under your shirt for extra support and comfort. These kinds of bras typically come in XS-XL sizes, but since this isn’t an official bra fitting yet it won’t hurt to start with something close to what you wear now (and maybe even ask her for tips on how to get one that fits!).

If your mom doesn’t have any suggestions for extra support garments at home, then maybe look into getting fitted for a proper bra at the store or online before heading out into the world with your new confidence!

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Last modified: November 19, 2022