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How To Ask A Friend To Move Out Of Your House?

If a friend has been living with you for a while, it can be tough to ask him or her to move out. If you’re thinking about asking a roommate to leave, here are some tips to help you get started.

Be clear about why you want to move forward

Don’t beat around the bush or dance around the issue. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to tell your friend that they need to move out. Instead, be honest and upfront with your friend by explaining why you want them to leave.

There’s no need to go into great detail or share all of your reasons right away — just start with one or two points that are most important to you and proceed from there.

If financial reasons are at play, mention that there has been an increase in rent or other expenses that make it difficult for everyone involved. You may also want your friend to know that another roommate is moving in so there will be more rent money coming in each month.

If there are other concerns such as late night partying or loud music playing at odd hours of the night, let your friend know that these behaviors are putting undue stress on other tenants in the building.

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Last modified: October 30, 2022