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How To Adjust A Bic Lighter Flame Smaller?

How to Adjust a Bic Lighter Flame Smaller. A Bic lighter is a small, disposable lighter that uses flint and steel to ignite a flame. The flint and steel are located inside the lighter’s casing, and when you press down on the top of the case with your thumb, it creates friction between the two pieces of metal, creating an electric spark that ignites your lighter.

If your Bic lighter doesn’t work as well as it used to, or if you want to make sure your Bic lighters are working at their best, you can adjust the flame size by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Remove the fuel tank from your lighter by unscrewing it from its base.

Step 2: See if there is any dirt or gunk blocking access to the flint wheel. If there is any debris blocking access to the wheel, use a toothpick or paper clip to clean out any obstructions before proceeding further with this guide.

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Last modified: October 4, 2022