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How To Add Weight To Barbell Without Plates ?

You can add weight to a barbell without plates. The best way is to buy a set of collars, which are clamps that secure the weight on the bar. If you don’t want to spend any money, however, you can use duct tape (which works well) or even rubber bands.

Duct Tape

The problem with duct tape is that it could slip from the barbell, especially if it’s made out of steel. But if you have some lying around and don’t mind using it for this purpose, then by all means go ahead. Just make sure that your hands are dry before touching the sides of the bar so that there’s less friction and less chance of slipping off.

Rubber Bands

Another option is to use rubber bands instead of collars. All you need to do is wrap them around each end of the barbell and pull them tight so they won’t slip off during your workout. The downside here is that they’ll probably fall off after a few sets because they’re not attached permanently like collars would be.

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Last modified: August 12, 2022