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How Old Is Li Shang ?

The character of Li Shang is an army captain who is also the captain of the Chinese army. His rank is a colonel. He is a skilled fighter and leader.

In the beginning of the movie, Li Shang is shown as a strict and disciplined man, who clearly wants to win the war against the Huns. He even orders his soldiers to train harder, even when they are tired. However, he shows compassion towards Mulan and encourages her to join his army instead of condemning her for being female.

When Mulan arrives at training camp, Li Shang’s first impression of her was that she was weak and not fit for training with men due to her gender. However, when she defeats him in battle during training, he begins to see her potential and decides that she can be useful in combat against the Huns if trained properly.

After Mulan trains for several days with Captain Li Shang’s unit, he finally gives her permission to join them on their mission into battle against the Huns at Chonqing Pass – bringing down General Shan Yu’s army by destroying their supply lines in order to weaken them before they attack China itself.

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Last modified: August 1, 2022