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How Often Do Ostriches Lay Eggs

An ostrich lays its egg every two days, but they are not fertile. The female will lay her eggs in a mound of sand or dirt. She then covers the eggs with sand and leaves to protect them from predators and the sun.

Ostriches lay their eggs in clutches of two to eight eggs. A clutch size depends on the species of ostrich, but usually ranges from three to five eggs. In most species, an egg weighs about 1 pound (0.45 kg). When first laid, it is soft and white, but hardens within several hours of formation.

The incubation period for an ostrich egg is 42 days (about 10 weeks), after which the chicks hatch within 24 hours of each other. A female ostrich tends to her nest and young for about eight months after hatching.

Chicks are born with dark brown feathers on their backs but white ones on their underparts and heads; they gain brown feathers as they age until they resemble adult ostriches at around six months old. They reach sexual maturity at around three years old,[3] at which point they are able to breed themselves; however this doesn’t happen until they are around five years old.

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Last modified: September 4, 2022