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How Much Zeni Do You Need For Tosok?

Tosok is a popular Korean game, similar to Pac-Man. In this game you will be in control of a small white ball that you need to guide through a maze. Your goal is not only to reach the end, but also collect as much gold coins as possible along the way.

To play Tosok all you need is your mouse and keyboard. The movement is controlled by your mouse, while the direction and speed are regulated by your keyboard. You can control both at the same time if you wish to go faster or slower while moving around the maze.

The game is quite simple and easy to understand, but it has some interesting features that make it different from other games out there. For example, there are no levels in Tosok; instead, players have to reach certain points on each map before they can advance further into the game.

As for graphics, they’re pretty basic and simple, with no fancy effects or anything like that – just plain black & white pixels on an otherwise empty background. The music isn’t very memorable either (although it does get stuck in your head after awhile), but at least it doesn’t get annoying too quickly – unlike many other games out there today!

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Last modified: September 21, 2022