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How Much Weight Can A 4 Inch I-Beam Hold?

The amount of weight an I-beam can hold depends on the size and design of the beam. There are three basic types of I-beams:

Single plate: This is a standard steel beam that has a single flat plate running across the top surface. The weight limit for this type of beam is determined by the thickness of the steel and how much stress it can withstand before it buckles. A double-plate shape can also be made from two pieces of steel welded together, which increases its strength but does not change its weight limit.

Double top flange: This type of I-beam has a double top flange running along both sides. It looks like two beams stacked on top of each other with their edges touching at their midpoints. This design allows for greater load capacity than a single plate because it provides more surface area for supporting heavy loads.

The maximum load capacity for this type of I-beam depends on its length and thickness, as well as whether or not it is welded or bolted together at the ends (which adds additional strength).

Double bottom flange: This type of I-beam also has double top flanges running along both sides, but they run all the way down to meet at its bottom corners instead.

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Last modified: October 3, 2022