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How Much Tension Is On A Guitar Neck ?

There are three different types of string gauges for electric guitars: light, medium and heavy. Light gauge strings are the thinnest and most flexible, while heavy gauge strings are the thickest and least flexible. Medium gauge strings are generally considered to be the best all-around choice for electric guitar players.

If you’re just starting out on electric guitar, it’s a good idea to start with light gauge strings as they’re easier on your fingers. But if you want more sustain or want to play faster, then medium or heavy gauge strings may be better suited to your playing style.

In general, heavier gauge strings will take more tension to make them sound right. Mediums provide a balance between feel and tone, while lights give you fast action with little sustain due to their low tension.

The proper amount of tension is important for optimal performance from your instrument as well as comfort when playing. If there’s too much tension on the neck it can cause problems such as buzzing noises when playing chords or notes that require bending (aka “sliding”). Low tension can make it feel like you’re strumming with wet noodles instead of picking up real vibrations from your strings!

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Last modified: September 5, 2022