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How Much Is It To Play Airsoft?

Airsoft is a great way to have fun and get exercise, but it’s not free. You’ll need a good gun, plenty of ammo and protective gear.

The average price for an airsoft gun is $90 to $130. The most expensive guns can cost up to $300, but they’re not necessary unless you want to play at the competitive level or be able to shoot faster than someone with a less expensive gun.

Airsoft guns come in two types: spring-powered and electric (battery-powered). A spring-powered gun depends on a spring mechanism inside the body of the rifle, which provides resistance as you pull back on the slide or bolt. When you release it, the spring pushes back and propels the BB out of your barrel. Spring-powered rifles are usually cheaper than battery-powered rifles because they require fewer moving parts and thus cost less to manufacture.

Some models of spring-powered rifles are capable of automatic fire (firing multiple BBs with one pull of the trigger).

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Last modified: November 24, 2022