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How Much Do Solar Salesman Make ?

The average salary for a solar energy salesman is $45,000 per year. Solar energy salespeople are paid based on commission. They make money when they sell solar energy products and systems to customers.

Solar energy salesmen sell solar panels and other solar system components to residential and commercial customers. They must be able to explain the benefits of going solar to customers who may have never heard of the technology before. The job can be difficult because many people are skeptical of alternative sources of power such as solar or wind.

The most important skill needed for this job is excellent interpersonal skills. The salesman must be able to explain how solar works, how much it costs and why it’s better than conventional electricity generation methods. He must be able to listen carefully to customer concerns so that he can address them properly when making his pitch for an installation or replacement system. Experience in customer service or retail sales is helpful but not necessary if the candidate has good communication skills.

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Last modified: August 17, 2022