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How Much Do Bank Clerks Make?

Bank clerks are the workers who handle the accounting of a company or organization. The clerk is responsible for keeping track of all financial transactions, including deposits and withdrawals, as well as allocating funds to the appropriate accounts. This job usually requires a high school diploma or equivalent, but no prior experience is necessary.

Bank clerks earn an average annual salary of $30,830 per year. The salaries for bank clerks vary depending on their level of experience and education level achieved.

Bank clerks can find employment at banks and credit unions, government agencies and other financial institutions to perform their duties.

The duties of bank clerks include calculating interest rates on savings accounts and loans; performing bookkeeping functions; making change; reconciling information; paying out money; updating records; maintaining records; taking inventory; answering customer inquiries regarding their accounts; collecting delinquent accounts; delivering checks; issuing receipts to customers who have made deposits or withdrawals from their accounts; assisting customers with completing applications for new loans.

or credit cards; answering questions regarding savings accounts, checking accounts and other products offered by the institution they work for; selling new loans or credit cards to existing customers; taking money orders from customers who wish to send money outside of their.

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Last modified: November 6, 2022