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How Much Can Spider Lift?

The spider lift can be called a spider crane, a trestle crane or an overhead crane. It is a kind of machine tool with the function of lifting and moving. It is similar to the mobile crane, but it has no wheel.

The working principle is: when the hook rotates, the cylinder will rotate, which makes the hook move up and down; when the cylinder does not rotate, the hook will stop at a certain position. The spider lift is widely used in construction sites for transport work, industrial production lines and other places where heavy objects need to be lifted and moved.

The lifting capacity of a spider crane depends on its size, weight capacity and boom length. Generally speaking, 1 ton = 2 meters; 2 tons = 3 meters; 3 tons = 4 meters; 4 tons = 5 meters; 5 tons = 6 meters; 6 tons = 7 meters.

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Last modified: October 2, 2022