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How Many Kernels In A Bag Of Popcorn?

The bag of popcorn has about 20 kernels to one cup of popped corn. You need about ten cups of unpopped popcorn to make a single batch of popcorn.

If you want to know the exact number of kernels per bag, you can check the weight or volume of the bag. A 5-pound bag of popcorn weighs 10 ounces, while a 1-pound bag weighs 16 ounces, according to SnackGator.com. The website also states that there are about 127 kernels in a 5-pound bag, and 85 kernels in a 1-pound bag.

If you’re looking for more accurate results, there are other ways to measure how many kernels are in a bag of popcorn without counting them all by hand. You can use an online calculator that divides the weight by 16 ounces (the average weight of an unpopped kernel) to get your answer. Another option is using a kitchen scale that measures grams instead of ounces; dividing this by 0.05 will give you your answer in kilograms per kilogram (kg/kg).

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Last modified: November 25, 2022