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How Many Inches Is A Big Butt

There’s no official definition of what constitutes a big butt. But we can say for sure that it’s not just about size. A big butt is also about shape, proportion and fat distribution. The same amount of fat in one person’s body may give them an undesirable appearance while another person with the same amount of fat can look amazing if they have a well-developed gluteus maximus.

So what are some common measurements people use to determine if they have a big butt? This infographic will help you figure out how you measure up by using four different methods:

Average Butt Size – The average hip circumference for women is 36 inches and 38 inches for men. So if your hips are around these sizes or larger, congratulations! You have an average size butt!

Biggest Hip Circumference – If your hips are larger than 44 inches (or even 42 inches), then congratulations again! You qualify as having one of the biggest hips in the world… and probably also have an above average-sized booty as well!

Biggest Butt Size – How much does your butt weigh? If it weighs more than 100 pounds (45 kilograms) then you’re doing something right!

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Last modified: September 4, 2022