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How Many Ignition Coils In A V4?

The Honda V4 engine has 4 cylinders, each with 2 spark plugs. Each plug is fired by a separate coil which puts out a high voltage pulse to the spark plug. So there are 4 coils in total (one per cylinder).

The coils are located on top of each cylinder head and are connected to the distributor via a plug connector. The distributor is mounted on top of the camshaft housing close to the firewall (the right side of the engine when you are looking at it from behind). The distributor has 2 primary wires coming out of it – one goes to ground and one goes to the ECU (Engine Control Unit).

There are also 2 secondary wires coming out of each coil – one goes to ground and one goes directly to a spark plug. The secondary wires are not used if your car has electronic ignition (as most do). If you have points type ignition then they will be used when you turn on your ignition switch and hold it down until you hear 3 clicks which means that points have closed and current can flow through them.

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Last modified: October 20, 2022