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How Many Guitars Does Joe Bonamassa Own ?

Joe Bonamassa owns over 300 guitars. He has a collection of vintage guitars, and he also collects Guild guitars. In the course of his career, Joe has used many different types of guitars including acoustic, electric, hollow-body, solid-body and semi-hollow-body. Joe’s favorite guitar is a 1958 Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty which he often uses on stage.

Joe also plays other types of instruments like mandolin and lap steel guitar. In addition to playing guitar in his own band, he has played for other artists including Eric Clapton, B.B King and Buddy Guy among others.

Joe was born on May 8th 1977 in Long Island New York to an Italian father and Irish mother who were both musicians themselves.

His father played drums while his mother sang in a church choir which led to him being exposed early on to music as well as learning how to play several instruments including banjo ukulele and guitar which he started playing at age 11 after being influenced by Jimi Hendrix who was one of his idols growing up due to his style of playing being similar to that of bluegrass fiddle players like Earl Scruggs who was also one of his influences when learning how.

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Last modified: August 16, 2022